The startling faith of the atheists


To be a Christian requires faith.

In fact without it, no relationship with God is possible. God tells us that Himself.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6, NIV)

This is clearly understood.

Of course apologists would be quick to point out that this is not blind faith, but rather an informed choice based upon an evaluation of the data of Christians faith and the lived-out personal experience of living that faith.

Christianity is rationally convincing in that it explains the reality of good and evil we see around us and inside us. It explains the fact that we are haunted by a hunger for the transcendent. It explains the moments of sublime communion that we experience. It explains the void that we feel inside us that nothing else can satisfy.

But, even in the face of all this, it is still a step of faith to believe in God to enter into a relationship with Him. And this is known and accepted.

What is less clearly understood is that atheism also demands faith of its followers.

The current origins model in the atheistic evolutionary canon, states that in the beginning there was nothing … then it exploded.

And by nothing they do mean nothing – no time, no space, nothing.

Atheistic science can do a pretty good job of explaining everything after the initial explosion, but as to the explosive event itself – it’s nature and cause – silence.

Which is a bit like when you watch one of those films where the beginning shows a man in an accident, losing consciousness and then fading into a dream sequence. All that happens after is clearly understood to be his dream.

However someone coming late to the cinema and missing the vital few minutes would not have that crucial key to understanding. They would be able to follow the film, no doubt develop an appreciation of the characters and their motivations, they might even draw out the director’s message;- nonetheless they would totally fail to understand the film correctly because of those vital few minutes they missed.

They didn’t know it was a dream, all their clever deductions and appreciations are inherently flawed because of this missing understanding.

Atheists arrive late at the film, they don’t know how the story started, why it was started nor who started it.

They cannot know and they pretty much acknowledge this.

Therefore ON FAITH they choose to believe that the universe has no purpose, no-one started it, and that is has no meaning.

This is a faith statement and means atheism can only be classed amongst the religions.

Christians however believe that we have information about the why of the universe and the who behind it.

In the beginning God created…

If I have to base my life on a foundation of faith, I prefer to choose that of the existence and activity of God.

A God which logic would predict would wish to interact with His creation and to make Himself known to those creatures He has doted with the incredible capacity of knowing Him.