QR Code Pilgrimage 1

Welcome to St Andrew’s Church!

For near 1,000 years this church has been a space for reflection, meditation, prayer and encountering God. God hasn’t changed. In order to give a more contemporary option for using this space we have set up a QR Code Pilgrimage around the churchyard.

There are 10 panels around the churchyard with a QR code that directs you to web content that might interest, inspire, provoke reflection and maybe lead you to an encounter with the God who is here.

Look up at the church clock.

Did you know? – It probably dates from around 1864.

Until the late 18th century, time was normally determined in each town by a local sundial. But solar time was only approximate.

The development of railways showed there was a problem: the differences between the local times of neighbouring towns e.g. Oxford Time was 5 minutes behind Greenwich Time and Barrow almost 13 minutes behind.

So in the 1840’s ‘Railway Time’ was taken up by all the railway companies. Train schedules and the time on station clocks were brought in line with the local ‘mean’ time for London (or “London Time”) – the time set at Greenwich by the Royal Observatory, already widely known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Stand still for a minute or two.
• Can you see the hands of the clock move?
• Does time move slowly for you or it is going too quickly?
• What ‘time of life’ are you at? How would you describe it to someone else?

‘Teach us to number our days, so that we might be wise.’

Psalm 90:12

What does ‘numbering our days’ mean to you?

Use the map below to find the next pilgrim stop.